Lead Sprinkler


Lead Sprinkler. Easy to clean. Produced from high-quality Stainless Steel. Made for ultimate satisfaction. Are you ready for some strong pleasure?  Enjoy these toys from GaySteel

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Lead Sprinkler. The is a bdsm torture device often used to shower victims with molten wax, boiling oil, boiling water, tar or acid. It was essentially a ladle placed at the end of a long iron handle. At first the upper half of the sphere was removed. And the lower half was subsequently filled with the liquid of executioner’s choice. The perforated upper half was then re-attached. And shaking of the sprinkler showered the victim with the hot liquid inside the ladle. Lead Sprinkler

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Weight154,0000 g
Dimensions15,5000 × 3,3000 × 4,5000 mm



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