Anal Sliding Gel 50ml


Anal Sliding Gel 50ml

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Anal Sliding Gel 50ml. The line of products based in Cannabis Oh! Holy Mary grows with the new and innovative lubricant especially designed for anal sex.

Anal sex, in its multiples subjects (annilingus, prostatic massage, penetration, pegging, fisting . . . ) is one of the practices growing faster and faster between any kind of public, Independently of the sexual orientation.

This practice requires more lubrication as the anus doesn?t lubricate naturally and other concerns which allows to do it in a healty, safe and pleasant way. Among these concerns we can include the capability of relaxing the zone to help dilatation. Our anal lubricant Oh! Holy Mary Anal Gel is the answer to a request for a long-lasting lubricant for anal sex, which helps in relaxing and dilating and also based in natural ingredients with no silicones.

This is a product especialized with different features which makes dreams come true of the anal sex lovers and it will become the perfect partner for those ones who want to start this practice. Anal Sliding Gel 50ml

Feel the Cannabis power in a unique and different formula!!

How to use: Gently apply on the zone to lubricate.


  • Waterbased lubricant.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Long-lasting gel texture.
  • Helps relaxing for dilatation.
  • No spots.
  • Parabenes free, sugar free and gluten free.
  • Size: 50 ml.


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