Detachable Rigid Spreader Bar and 4 Detachable Neoprene and Vegan Leather Cuffs


Detachable Rigid Spreader Bar and 4 Detachable Neoprene and Vegan Leather Cuffs

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Enter the world of submission with the Intoyou Black Shadow line, a line for those who are bravest and most passionate about BDSM.

Any BDSM lover loves a good restraint and in Black Fetish Shadow you will always have what you need.

This spreader bar is not like the ones you know. It has an internal rigid bar, removable in three parts and with 4 adaptable and removable handcuffs, two for wrists and two for ankles.

Thanks to the fact that the bar is removable, you will enjoy 3 positions, you can use the bars with the rings separately, thus having two individual bars, with their respective handcuffs, and you can also join the three parts to form your spreader bar up to its maximum length.

The included handcuffs are nothing more and nothing less than our beloved BS-051 wrist cuffs and BS-052 ankle cuffs, both in neoprene and vegan leather, a delight to the touch. You will find 4 very resistant hooks with which the handcuffs will not move from their place.

Its neoprene, vegan leather and totally nickel-free materials, of the highest quality, strong, soft, safe and comfortable, perfect for taking the game of submission to places you didn’t think possible.


  • rigid bar
  • 3 different positions
  • 4 handcuffs ? 2 for wrists, 2 for ankles
  • 4 strong hooks
  • Detachable bar and handcuffs
  • Neoprene and vegan leather
  • 100% nickel free
  • Safe and comfortable materials

Technical specifications:

  • Weight of the bar and the rings: 500 grams
  • Weight of the bar together with the handcuffs and rings: 820 grams
  • Assembled bar length: 61.5 cm approx
  • Length of the bars with rings: 21 cm approx
  • Center bar length: approx 20cm

It includes:

  • Matte/satin black rigid bar
  • resistant rings
  • BS-051 wrist cuffs in neoprene and vegan leather
  • BS-052 Neoprene and Vegan Leather Ankle Cuffs

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